Thank you! / Danke!

26 Jun

…for the many letters I receive!

LOVE, Waris

…für die vielen Briefe!

LOVE, Waris

One Response to “Thank you! / Danke!”

  1. Nikki Rivera June 27, 2010 at 7:38 am #

    Hello Ms. Diris,

    I saw the movie of your life. I have to say you have an extraordinary heart. I at age 10 went through something horrible and never could forgive the person who hurt me. Though I wasn’t circumsized, I was raped. Women all around the world are demeaned and abused and we just assume it is the right thing. We as mother’s and as women should learn to teach our children to question everything. Sometimes authority is not trust worthy you see my rapist was a police officer. I was raised that they kept us safe. Now I know better. I felt that I could talk to you because you have gone through so much, you would understand. I am curious did you marry Mr. Jackson from the movie? I hope you found true joy in life. You deserve it. Sala ma lakum. (God bless you sister).

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