Huffington Post praises the movie “Desert Flower” / Großes Lob für “Wüstenblume” von der Huffington Post

21 Dec

Margie Goldsmith has published a great article on the movie Desert Flower and female genital mutilation in the important US news portal Huffington Post. Below, you can read an excerpt from the text. The original article can be found here.

“Desert Flower is the true story of Waris Dirie, a young girl whose mother tried to force her to marry a much older man at the age of 13, so she ran away and managed to find a job in London as a maid in Somalia’s Embassy. When she was 18, a regime change forced her onto London’s streets and from there, as a cleaning lady in a London fast food restaurant, where she was discovered by a famous British fashion photographer and soon after became an international top model. But Waris Dirie did not rest on her laurels; instead, she used her fame to fight against the cultural traditions and poverty that forced her to run away from her home and family. She has created The Desert Flower Foundation, hoping to end the crime of FGM by raising public awareness, organizing events and educational programs, and supporting victims of FGM.

From the Somali desert to the world’s catwalks, Waris Dirie’s story is dramatized in the movie Desert Flower, a story which I hope will impel you to take action. The movie shows the incredible journey of a young girl’s nomadic life in the deserts of Somalia to a supermodel strutting on the world’s most famous catwalks. In New York, at the peak of Waris’ career, she is interviewed by a magazine editor who asks Waris to speak about the day that changed her life, fully expecting Waris to answer that it was the day she was discovered by the famous photographer in the fast food restaurant. But instead, Waris says the day that changed her life was the day she was five and had to suffer Female Genital Mutilation. This public acknowledgment is the beginning of Waris Dirie’s role as an activist. For the past twelve years, since that interview, Waris has spoken out about this archaic ritual, has founded The Desert Flower Foundation, and dedicates her life to fighting against FGM.

Make sure you see this movie when it is released in your neighborhood. And in the meantime, help end this cruel practice. Donate: Give now. It will be the best Christmas gift you’ve ever given.”

Margie Goldsmith hat einen tollen Artikel über FGM und den Film “Wüstenblume” in der Huffington Post veröffentlicht.

Goldsmith beschreibt die Lebensgeschichte von Waris Dirie wie sie in Wüstenblume erzählt wird als „eine Geschichte, die Sie dazu drängen wird, etwas zu tun. […] Niemand sollte diesen Film verpassen, wenn er in den USA in die Kinos kommt. Und während Sie darauf warten, tun Sie etwas. Spenden Sie noch heute, es wird das beste Weihnachtsgeschenk sein, das sie je gemacht haben.“

Den Originalartikel gibt es auf der Website der Huffington Post.


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