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To all our US supporters: bring Desert Flower to your community!

14 Mar

“I know many many supporters from the US are looking forward to the upcoming US release of the movie Desert Flower. The distributor National Geographic has now released a list of cinemas that will show the movie.

Help bring Desert Flower to your city, too!

As you can see, the list is still quite short. Too short! I want to bring this movie and its message to as many people as possible.Therefore, I need your help: Call your local cinema and ask for the movie and tell your friends to do the same. If you live in a small town, maybe you can convince your school, college or community center to organise a screening. Many cinemas shy away from difficult topics and would rather show yet another Hollywood romantic comedy. But this is a movie with a message, and we need to get this message out there. With your support, I know we can do it! Please join me and let me and everyone else here know about your attempts and hopefully your achievements!