More reviews on the movie Desert Flower

23 Mar

The New York Observer: “Based on Ms. Dirie’s best-selling 1997 biography, it’s an amazing epic, too big for the screen to contain, and vastly more engaging between the pages. Still, it’s a journey out of primitive darkness unlike anything you’ve seen before, or anything you are likely to see again.”

The Washington Post: “I wanted that roller coaster of emotion,” Hormann said. The payoff has been positive feedback at screenings around the globe, as well as an audience award at the San Sebastian International Film Festival. Meanwhile, the anticipated backlash has been almost nil.

The New York Times: “The film, based on Ms. Dirie’s memoir of the same title, is heartening both for Ms. Dirie’s rise-and-overcome tale and for the reminder that a helping hand from a stranger can still occasionally be found in this unkind world. But, of course, it’s also disheartening because of what was done to Ms. Dirie, a moment revisited in a hard-to-watch flashback. The film makes bluntly clear that this is a trauma that lasts a lifetime.”

The Epoch Times: “Frankly, simply broaching the subject of FGM on film constitutes a valuable contribution to public discourse. It also lends itself to some memorable drama. The scene in which Dirie reveals her condition to Marilyn is particularly notable for its honesty and sensitivity.”

The Associated Press:


One Response to “More reviews on the movie Desert Flower”

  1. Melissa Gomez March 24, 2011 at 8:56 pm #

    Hello, My name is Melissa and I´m doing a research paper about non conformist people and I chose Daris Warie. I will like to know if you will be able to help me, please! if you want you can contact me to my email…
    It will be a really short interview… about the movie..”Desert Flower” and also a little bit about FGM

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