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Movie reviews of Desert Flower, Part 3

31 Mar

Reviews of the movie Desert Flower continue to be published as the movie is being shown in cinemas across the US.

The Examiner writes: “The new movie based on Dirie’s autobiography, “Desert Flower,” doesn’t brush past the gory details. Rather, it forces the viewer to understand the emotional and physical pain she endured.” Read the entire review here.

“a lovely performance by Ethiopian supermodel-actress Liya Kebede as supermodel-activist Waris Dirie works wonders to elevate this uneven, occasionally awkward, but often absorbing film” – Philadelphia Inquirer

The San Francisco Chronicles: “She’s a supermodel with a mind-boggling secret, but it’s not drugs or tacky trysts. Waris Dirie abandons the isolated desert of Somalia, fleeing an arranged marriage at 13, to eventually strut the glittery catwalks of high fashion.”

“‘Desert Flower’ has all the trappings of a good fairy tale, especially those moments of despair so extreme that a happy ending seems almost impossible. But what makes Sherry Hormann’s film astounding is that it’s real. The autobiography-turned-biopic is based on the life of African nomad, supermodel and activist Waris Dirie.” writes the Washington Post.

Vogue interviewed Liya Kebede on the movie and its message: “Model and US Vogue cover girl Liya Kebede has received rave reviews for her role as Somalian model Waris Dirie in her recently released film Desert Flower, but Kebede insists that airing Dirie’s story is what matters. Eighties supermodel Waris Dirie left modelling to focus on campaigning against female genital mutilation – a practice which she was subjected to when she was five years old.”

“The film is colorfully shot by director Sherry Horman, who infuses style and glamour but never forgets the reality of her subject’s origins.” – The North County Times

New York Daily News
quotes Liya Kebede, who said of her role in the movie that “I had met Waris maybe seven years before at an event that Iman had, and I remember being so blown away by her. And later, when I found out they were doing a film adaption of Waris’ autobiography, “Desert Flower,” I read the book and was so surprised, touched and inspired that I knew I had to do this film.”