Rural village in Ethiopia vows to eradicate FGM

17 Apr

Another Ethiopian village has vowed to eradicate female genital mutilation. Radio Netherlands, a radio station that boadcasts throughout Africa, has visited the village and reported that women are taking the initiative in addressing the issue of FGM. One of the women interviewed by the boradcaster in the village of Senbata Lencho said that “We, the mothers, have taught our children these hurtful habits. It is now our duty to prevent them from doing it and inform them of its consequences”.

A representative of the African Aid Development Association said that the involvement of religious leaders played a key part in the efforts to eradicate female genital mutilation. “It has been incredibly important that they publically stated that female circumcision is not mentioned in the Bible nor in the Quran and called upon their followers to stop the practice”, she said.

Another important factor in the fight against FGM in Senbata Lancho is the increasing willingness of young men to marry women who have not been mutilated. In the area, mutilation are usually performed not on small children, but on teenagers to prepare them for marriage. As Radio Netherlands reports, more and more women who are not mutilated and their husbands are speaking out openly against the existing prejudices towards non-mutilated women and raise awareness on sexual health.


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