7 Nov

Desert Flower Foundation CONGRATULATES Veerle Veth and Naomi Schouten, two Dutch medical students who have shown an outstanding engagement to raise awareness on FGM.

They are part of the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations (IFMSA) and have organized the courses Movies & Medicine and the Tropics Course in NIJMEGEN for particularly (bio)medical students.

An educational evening by asking doctors to speak about FGM, a subject that is underexposed in the medical curriculum was organized. On the 17th of October the main event, the screening of Waris Dirie’s movie DESERT FLOWER was detained. Dr. Ruud Bekkers, gynecologist from the academic medical centre, talked about female genital mutilation and more than 160 students participated in the significant evening!

“We aim to educate them about subjects that are neglected or overlooked in the medical curriculum. Everyone was enthusiastic about the movie and a lot of them said it made a real impact. Besides making future doctors and researchers aware of female mutilation, we also raised money for the Desert Flower Foundation.”  Naomi Schouten, on behalf of Movies & Medicine and the Tropics Course

“Thank you my Dutch friends and supporters. Great job. Together we will overcome this crime.” LOVE, Waris Dirie


One Response to “Congratulation”

  1. Gabriele Schröder November 7, 2011 at 9:35 pm #

    Yes Waris Congratulations for you too…… started under hard conditions but as you said by your own: If you know what you have to do you can only follow this way……..

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