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One FGM-patient a day in London´s hospitals

29 Feb

Recently published figures show real extent of FGM in Great Britain

LONDON – More than 2100 women and girls in London have sought hospital treatment for genital mutilation over the past six years. Therefore the extent of the suffering in Great Britain becomes obvious for the first time – meaning almost one woman a day. More than 700 of those needed to be admitted or have surgery. These figures were published recently by the London Evenings Standard on its website.
“FGM is a particular challenge for London where more girls are at risk than anywhere else and, just as we celebrate this city´s diversity, we must not shy away from difficult issues because of cultural sensitivities”, warns Jane Ellison, member of the British parliament.
The published figures show a peak of treatments in 2010: 442 women were seeking treatment because of female genital mutilation – a 30 per cent increase on 2007. Kit Melthouse, deputy mayor of London, explains that a report on FGM has already been commissioned which puts tackling the practice.
Experts warned that the true number of victims is far higher, with many going to clinics or suffering in silence. About 66 000 women and girls are thought to be affected in England and Wales.