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UK: First Young People Led National Conference on FGM

28 Jun

BRISTOL – On July 14th the UK’s first ever conference on FGM led by young people will take place at the University of Bristol. The conference has been organized by Integrate Bristol, which has won this year´s „Young Voice Award“ for the FGM movie „Silent Scream.“

The organization helps with the integration and adaption of young people and children who have arrived from other countries and cultures. Integrate Bristol runs projects that help teenagers to develop their skills so that they can actively participate in society and feel a part of the community they have joined.

The conference aims to educate health, education and legal professionals on the devastating impact of FGM and how they can help prevent it. The conference will also act as a facilitator for young people from across the country to come together for the first time and discuss the wider implications of FGM and the current political indifference to the issue.

In the meantime, the organisers of this ground breaking conference on Female Genital Mutilation claim that politicians are too scared of being called racist and won’t tackle fundamental failures in the child protection system, which are putting thousands of girls at risk of abuse every year. They claim, that unlike many other European countries, the UK is failing to tackle FGM and as a result girls are being mutilated with impunity. They are calling for more robust warning and control systems to be put in place to flag up vulnerable children if they are taken out of the country.

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