Two human rights activists join the board of the Desert Flower Foundation

31 Jul

The international renowned French lawyer and human rights activist Linda Weil-Curiel as well as the former Swedish EU Commissioner for Justice Anita Gradin are both fighting successfully against FGM since the 80s. From the 1st of August these experts team up as board members of the Desert Flower Foundation.









VIENNA – The French attorney Linda Weil-Curiel fights successfully against female genital mutilation in France since the 80s. She was the first, who brought cutters in France to court and who represented numerous victims of FGM against their parents. In 1982 Weil-Curiel founded the Commission for the abolition of sexual mutilation (CAMS).  It is the merit of Linda Weil-Curiel, that today France has the strictest laws against FGM in Europe and that girls have to go regularly to medical checks until the age of six to prove their bodily integrity.

Anita Gradin, Swedish politician and former EU Commissioner for Immigration, Home Affairs and Justice, fights against FGM since the 80s. She was one of the first politicians, who made FGM a subject of discussion and who took measures against it.

With these two experts and their networking in politics and society, the Desert Flower Foundation plans even more efficient measures and campaigns against FGM.

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