Fundraising – Many thanks to the Theodor-Hess – Walldorf – School

22 Mar

Many thanks to the students and parents of the Theodor-Hess School for supporting our fight against Female Genital Mutilation.


To “sweeten” the waiting time of the parents, who have registered their children for the upcoming fifth graders at our school, tenth graders set under the direction of Lisa Künstler a parent’s cafe in front of the administration office up. With soft drinks, homemade cakes and freshly baked pretzels, they could have a good time or fill out the necessary documents. The proceeds of € 100.00 were referred, in the same evening, to the Desert Flower Foundation:
Since a few years ago an Africa Project has sensitized our students for this problem, it was clear for the participating SMV helper, to donate to “Desert Flower”. Our former student and extremely committed SMV collaborator, Anna Oestringer, wrote the following factsheet: Only available in German – see the biography


2 Responses to “Fundraising – Many thanks to the Theodor-Hess – Walldorf – School”

  1. Teri Gabrielsen March 23, 2013 at 10:58 pm #

    It is truly gratifying to see out youth getting involved under the leadership of their teachers to fight FGM. Africa Schools of Kenya (ASK) recently experienced a first grade class for two years running setting up an open-air mart to raise funds to help ASK expand their work in educating the Maasai. As a result of this education, Maasai elders trust and have requested that ASK develop an Alternative Rite of Passage (ARP) in order to keep their girls in school instead of marrying them off. The first 52 girls completed the ARP in August 2012, and the second one is planned for April this year. In fact, we in the midst of a campaign to expand the ARP program throughout Maasailand with numerous tribes waiting to do so. You can learn more at

  2. like March 24, 2013 at 3:39 pm #

    I love your movie dessert flower and has read the book it is the best in the hole world

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