Today we have received E-Mail Nr.: 100.000

2 Apr

Today we received E-mail 100.000 since the start of the Desert Flower Foundation in November 2002.

“Thank you for your trust and thank you for your patience as we cannot reply on all E-mails on the same day. 100.000 E-Mails show me how big the world´s interest is to abolish FGM, this terrible crime on little girls. 100.000 E-Mails show me that the people, no matter if they are students, teachers, volunteers, doctors, journalists, housewife’s, politicians amongst many others, take care of these innocent girls.”

We have received many E-Mails from women, who suffered FGM and are traumatized by FGM, and we could help many of them.

Soon we will have a special new offer to help them even more efficient.

And we have received many E-Mails from girls threatened by FGM and we could save a lot of them by arranging appointments with social services, authorities and local NGO´s.

All this costs money, therefore I ask you today listen to your heart and to donate to my Desert Flower Foundation.  Only together we can make a difference!

LOVE, Waris


Desert Flower Foundation International Account:

Erste Bank, Kto. Nr: 294 698 036 00

BLZ: 20111

IBAN: AT 94 20111 294 698 036 00


Desert Flower Foundation Swiss Account:

Raiffeisen Bank, Kto. Nr: 799407.36

IBAN: CH 63 8000 5000 0799 4073 6


Desert Flower Foundation German Account:

Dresdner Private Banking, Kto. Nr: 40 55 64000

BLZ: 500 803 00

IBAN: DE 25 5008 0300 0405 5640 00,



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