I need your support

23 Apr

During my stay in Djibouti I met our godchildren Safa and Idriss and I also had several meetings with politicians and NGO´s to discuss more efficient actions against FGM.

Despite a strong commitment of the government, still more than 90% of the girls in Djibouti suffer from FGM.

In September 2013 I will show my film Desert Flower all over Djibouti, I will hold presentations in schools, community centers and support girl’s shelters.

The picture below shows Safa, and the little sisters of Idriss, who played my brother in the film. Their names are: Ibo, 6 Years old and Hamda 10 years old. Both have been saved from FGM and are safe.

Ibo – 6 years, Safa – 7 years, Hamda – 10 years and Waris Dirie in Djibouti, April 2013 


In September we will support many more girls and I request to support my foundation with your donation. School fees and fees for tutors, school books, teaching materials, computers, and costs for transport and food and water are required for their families, as they are unemployed. All costs are paid by the Desert Flower Foundation every month in advance.

My biggest wish today: “Please support Safa, ibo and Hamda and many other girls to live self-determined lives with YOUR DONATION today!



Waris Dirie

Desert Flower Foundation International Account:

Erste Bank, Kto. Nr: 294 698 036 00

BLZ: 20111

IBAN: AT 94 20111 294 698 036 00


Desert Flower Foundation Swiss Account:

Raiffeisen Bank, Kto. Nr: 799407.36

IBAN: CH 63 8000 5000 0799 4073 6


Desert Flower Foundation German Account:

Dresdner Private Banking, Kto. Nr: 40 55 64000

BLZ: 500 803 00

IBAN: DE 25 5008 0300 0405 5640 00,



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