4 Jul

The Viennese Fashion-School Hetzendorf and the Desert Flower Foundation organized the 1st Desert Flower Fashion-Competition. 40 young students participated in the competition, organized by Viktoria Stettler, student of the fashion school and volunteer of the Desert Flower Foundation.

Waris and the young designers cheer on the great designs

The 3 best designs were chosen by Waris Dirie and an expert jury.

Waris presents the winners and their designs:

The Desert Flower Shopping Bag – Design by Manuel Hawlik

Waris: “I love this bag, it shows a clear signal for womenrights, simple but genius. I think it´s great a young man had this good idea. He gets 12 points from me and a big Kiss.”

The Desert Flower Puppet – Design by Julia Bauer

Waris: “Great work Julia; all children will love the puppet. Even my son Leon, who loves cars, fell in love with it, he asked already if he could get the puppet. It is a great design and we will collect a lot of money for the African girls.”

The Desert Flower MuFu-Dress – Design by Jessica Nigl

Waris: ”Wow, this MuFu-Dress (MuFu=Multifunctional) will be the hit of the season. Unbelievable in how many different ways you can wear it: As a scarf, as a turban, as hooded-dress, as skirt and even as a belt. The fabrics are very special, they are coming from Africa and Austria. Absolutely MuCu (MuCu=Multicultural)

Now we are searching the right producer, with a big heart for African girls, who supports the young talents. The proceeds are going to the “Little Desert Flowers” in Africa. We have interested companies but if you know anyone who could produce and distribute these great designs, please contact Sophie from the Desert Flower Foundation: Sophie.Gigele@desertflowerfoundation.org




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