Activity-Report Desert Flower Foundation 2013

10 Jul

Successful first half-year 2013

Dear friends and supporters of the Desert Flower Foundation,

I’m pleased to report numerous activities of the Desert Flower Foundation 2013 and request to support us with your contribution and donation.

We have answered 4215 emails since the beginning of 2013!

We have received more than 4215 messages since the beginning of this year via E-mail or Facebook, from Africa, Europe, the USA and Canada, South America as well as Asia and Australia. Requests came from girls and women who are affected or threatened by FGM. Volunteers and supporters who held lectures and presentations in schools, universities, African Communities and NGO’s or organized Charity events for the Desert Flower Foundation received information material.


We could save many girls from Female Genital Mutilation

The most spectacular story is about Safa – our little Desert Flower. She can be seen in the shocking mutilation scene in my movie “Desert Flower”. Thanks to your donations she could be saved from FGM and goes to school now!


Safa at the set – 2009                    Safa at school – spring 2013


Desert Flower Foundation Media Service

We have received 109 requests from international media such as the Guardian, Cosmopolitan, the Sunday Times, Voice of America, BBC, Channel 4, ITV Sky News Arabia and many others for whom we provided pictures and background information about Waris Dirie and the Desert Flower Foundation.

Waris Dirie live on Voice of America on the international day against FGM


Our achievements on the political agenda

My lecture for the European Union in Brussels, March 2013

We have been successful on the political agenda. In March 2013 my team and I presented our demands and a manifesto to European Governments and to the European Union to eradicate Female Genital Mutilation in Europe.

Waris Dirie with Viviane Reding, Vice President of the European Commission before her presentation in Brussels – 2013


First achievements by now: Germany and Switzerland implemented new laws against FGM. In Great Britain 4 perpetrators have been prosecuted and the police investigates 15 new casesa significant step into the right direction!

Waris Dirie demands efficient action from the British Government on the BBC


Meeting with the Djibouti Government, April 2013

Djibouti is a small country with one of the highest prevalence rates on FGM. More than 93% of the girls are mutilated. With my team I met high-ranked government officials as well as the minister for women’s rights, minister of information and minister of religious affairs to discuss a campaign against FGM.

Waris Dirie and her team meet the minister of information, of women’s rights and of religion in Djibouti – 2013


FGM conference in the US-embassy in Djibouti, April 2013

In cooperation with the US-embassy in Djibouti we organized a FGM-conference, and all important NGO’s participated, from US AID to WHO and UNICEF.

Waris Dirie with her team and the most important NGO’s in the US embassy of Djibouti – 2013


Innocent woman saved in Somalia, May 2013

In cooperation with Human Rights Watch we sent letters to the president of Somalia and his government to release a woman, who was imprisoned because of accusing policemen of raping her – and she was released!

Waris Dirie fights with a letter to the president of Somalia for an innocent imprisoned woman – 2013


Successful campaign with our film “Desert Flower”

Our movie “Desert Flower” has been screened in various African cities such as Nairobi, Maputo, Dar Es Salaam, Lagos, Accra and even in Nepal and film festivals to raise awareness against FGM. On the international day against FGM “Desert Flower” has been shown in 117 schools around the world. In addition, my team held  37 presentations in schools and in front of Rotary and Lions Clubs, as well as at private Charity events.

Our movie Desert Flower is an important tool to raise awareness against FGM


NEW: Desert Flower Foundation affiliates in France and Poland 2013

Recently we opened Desert Flower Foundation affiliates in France and Poland. Our goal is to expand the Desert Flower Foundation worldwide to be able to save all young girls and fight for the rights of women.

To be able to continue and develop our work successfully, we need YOUR support! You can help us by donations, organizing Charity events or organize presentations in schools, universities and African Communities.



Desert Flower Foundation    

Erste Bank   

Kontonummer 294 698 036 00 

BLZ: 20111

IBAN: AT94 2011 1294 6980 3600 


German and international account:

Desert Flower Foundation 


Account number 040 55 64000

Bank identification code: 500 803 00

IBAN  DE 25 5008 0300 0405 5640 00




Desert Flower Foundation

Raiffeisen Bank

Account number: 799407.36

Bank identification code: 80005

IBAN: CH 63 8000 5000 0799 4073 6


Follow our latest activities on the Desert Flower Foundation Website, Facebook and Twitter or contact us directly

I wish you a wonderful summer

LOVE, Waris



Waris Dirie – July 2013


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