Inab, the girl from Djibouti

25 Sep

Today we proudly present our young new campaigner and co-worker in the Desert Flower Foundation. Her name is Inab, she is from Djibouti and she will tell her story here.

Hi, I am Inab and I am 19 years old. Since a few weeks I work for the Desert Flower Foundation. I am fighting against FGM and for the rights of all girls in Africa. Waris Dirie is my hero and I am very grateful for everything that she and her Desert Flower Foundation have done for us, the girls in Africa. Waris is absolutely right, FGM is not just her fight, and it has to be the fight of all people. One single woman cannot win this fight; to succeed we have to work together, no matter if we live in Africa, Europe, America, Asia or Australia. Every year millions of girls still become victims of this brutal torture. We are the next generation, the generation after Waris Dirie. She has influenced all of us and we have to continue her fight. We, the young mothers of Africa, will stop this terrible practice and save our daughters from FGM. We will win this fight. There is a lot to do: In my home country Djibouti almost 100% of the girls are cut and I also had to suffer this terrible pain, even though I was fighting against my own mutilation for many years. But I have saved my two little baby sisters Hibo and Hamda. In the following days and weeks I will tell my story.




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