Inab: My lucky day

2 Oct


I have visited Europe this summer with Safa, the little girl who played Waris in the film Desert Flower, and her father. I have seen the Desert Flower offices in Vienna and Paris and I have been invited to work a few days with the Desert Flower Team.

The whole team was very busy preparing the grand opening of the Desert Flower Center in Berlin. I heard about reconstructive surgery and all the treatments offered to FGM-victims in the Desert Flower Center.

I got excited about the idea and asked the team how much the surgery will cost. They told me it is free of charge as it is paid by donations of the Desert Flower Foundation. I could not sleep all night long. Millions of thoughts crossed my mind. Since I am only 19 years old I did not know whether they would accept me. I often suffered terrible pain since I was mutilated and I never thought this would stop. It seemed like a miracle to me that a surgeon can reconstruct the clitoris and the vagina of a woman.

Next morning I asked the team whether they would accept me. The Desert Flower team was very nice and called the doctors in Berlin. A few weeks later I became the first patient to undergo reconstructive surgery at the Desert Flower Center in Berlin. Dr. Pierre Foldes and Dr. Roland Scherer operated on me successfully on September 12th.

The next day I was allowed to get up. I suffered slight pain for a few days; today I can even dance to music. I still cannot believe how lucky I am. This day was the luckiest day in my life. All my girlfriends want to know about the surgery. More women have to know about this fantastic surgery. As there are 150 million FGM victims around the world I decided to talk about my lucky day, the day that changed my life, during lectures and interviews.

I would like to say thank you to all generous human beings donating to the Desert Flower Foundation. Thank you very much for your support!




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