Desert Flower Charity-Event in Montreux raises 10.000 SFR

8 Oct

Prior to my return to Djibouti I had the honor, to represent Waris Dirie at a big charity-Event, organized by Dr. Igor Martinek and the Swiss Women´s Clinic team. I gladly accepted the invitation and travelled with Joanna Jasik, our vice-president to Montreux.


The Desert Flower Foundation is as well a registered organization in Switzerland and plans to launch a Desert Flower Center there, as many affected women live in the country.


I met Dr. Igor Martinek and his wife Carole at the grand opening of the Desert Flower Center Berlin and they invited me spontaneously to come to Montreux.

The event was a great success, Kathleen Chaplin, granddaughter of the one and only Charlie Chaplin opened the night with her marvelous songs. She started her world tour by giving her first concert at our grand event. She is a lovely, humble and nice person and we had a long chat.

Adil Bouarbi, the new shooting star of the Swiss fashion-scene, with Moroccan roots, impressed the audience with a fashion show and exclusive designs. One of the fantastic evening gowns was named “Desert Flower” and I had the chance to do a short interview with him.


Dj Vkee Madison entertained us with cool sounds; my personal highlight was the auction of paintings and sculptures in favor of the Desert Flower Foundation Switzerland. 10.000 SFR had been raised for our fight against FGM.

I became friend with one of the artists, his name is Charles Morgan and you can see his fantastic creations here.

For now, after this exciting time in Europe, it is time for me to leave and to go back to Djibouti. My family is waiting for me and I will visit our little Desert Flower Safa soon.

I will get back to you soon,

LOVE, Inab

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