Our new mission in 2014 „we will save 1.000 little Desert Flowers“

24 Nov

2014 will be a special year for us, together with your support and my Desert Flower Foundation Team we will save 1.000 little girls in Africa from Female Genital Mutilation.

The great successful rescue of little Safa, the girl from the film Desert Flower, convinced us to do the same for many other girls, threatened by FGM. A contract with Safa´s parents guarantees the surviving of her family, Safa´s education and her physical integrity. Safa visits our pediatrician regularly for health checks, to confirm Safa is safe.

This is exactly how our new project is organized, Desert Flower-Contracts with parents to protect little girls in Africa. We support poor families with monthly family aid. The parents have to sign a contract – like Safa´s parents did – to guarantee the physical integrity of their daughters and to accept a regular health check by our pediatricians to prove that.

Our Co-workers in Africa presented this project to families in their communities and villages and got very positive feedback. More than 200 families are waiting to sign Desert Flower-Contracts with the Desert Flower Foundation and to renounce the mutilation of their daughters.

We will report on our social media platforms regularly about the progress and our achievements. We will present families and their saved daughters and we will report about the number of girls we have already saved.

Our goal is to save at least 1.000 girls and sign 1.000 Desert Flower-Contracts to guarantee a sustainable change until the end oft he year 2014.

To reach our goal we need YOUR support, no matter if your donation is small or large, you will help to save the girls.


Waris Dirie and her Desert Flower Foundation Team



One Response to “Our new mission in 2014 „we will save 1.000 little Desert Flowers“”

  1. Tracy October 8, 2014 at 2:15 pm #

    wonderful to hear and see that the People are positive and willing to Change for the better. we will continue to Support desert flower foundation.

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