Waris Dirie – My Christmas Wish

19 Dec
Waris Dirie My Christmas Wish:
Please support our new project „Together we will rescue 1.000 little Desert Flowers”
Due to your financial support we were able to rescue our little Safa, our little Desert Flower from FGM. Now she goes to school and her family has a secure livelihood. Safa has become a proud girl, successful in school and she found many new friends.
Safa 2008
Safa 2008 and Safa 2013
Safa 2013
Now we will rescue 1.000 little Desert Flowers – with your support. My co-workers from the Desert Flower Foundation visited Africa recently to sign the first sponsorship-contracts.
Sophie, Inab and Alfred from the Desert Flower Foundation in Ali Sabieh
Our project starts in a small village named Ali Sabieh, not far from the Somali and Ethiopian boarders in Djibouti. Many scenes of my film Desert Flower had been shot in Ali Sabieh and many of the inhabitants are seen in the film. Idriss, the boy who played the role of my little brother “Old Man” and his big sister Inab, who works today for the Desert Flower Foundation, live in Ali Sabieh as well.
People in Ali Sabieh are very poor
People in Ali Sabieh are very poor
Girls are waiting for the Desert Flower Foundation
Up to now all girls have been cur in Ali Sabieh and married off at a young age. Even there is a school in Ali Sabieh, many parents do not send their daughters to school, as they have to work at home. Our goal is to change this now and we decided to start our project in Ali Sabieh. Inab got professional training at the Desert Flower Foundation office and coordinates now this unique project. Together with Sophie and Alfred from the Desert Flower Foundation the first contracts with mothers and grandmothers have been signed just a few days ago.
Saada with her daughter Nassima signs   the contract with her fingerprint
 Hamda and Hibo proudly show their contracts
Here you see our first pictures of our little Desert Flowers in Ali Sabieh. They are protected now from FGM and forced marriages, secured by contracts. They will go to school and we will cover costs for vaccination and medical services.
Deksane 3 years old           Malyoune 8 years old
Dekka  6 years old               Bahra 2 years old
Simone 3 years old                      Yasmine 8 years old
In January 2014 – 100 contracts will be signed and 100 girls will be saved. I will report regularly and introduce our little Desert Flowers here.
Waris Dirie
Please support my Christmas Wish: Together we save 1.000 little Desert Flowers
Purpose of the donation: Sponsorship project or become a sponsor http://www.desertflowerfoundation.org/en/donate-waris-dirie-foundation/
Donation Accounts: Desert Flower Foundation International Account: Erste Bank, Kto. Nr: 294 698 036 00 BLZ: 20111 IBAN: AT 94 20111 294 698 036 00 BIC: GIBAATWW
Desert Flower Foundation Germain Account: Dresdner Private Banking, Kto. Nr: 40 55 64000 BLZ: 500 803 00 IBAN: DE 25 5008 0300 0405 5640 00, BIC:DRSDEEF F
Desert Flower Foundation Swiss Account: Raiffeisen Bank, Kto. Nr: 799407.36 IBAN: CH 63 8000 5000 0799 4073 6 SWIFT: RAIFCH22

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