The “Desert Flower” baby!

3 Jun


After our presentation in Allentown, Sierra Leone a mother stood up and presented her new-born baby.

“My name is Isatu and I am 29 years old” she said with a strong voice  “This is my little daughter, she is just 10 days old and now, I know the most beautiful name for my baby, Desert Flower”.

Then she turned her head to her little baby girl and continued “Desert Flower,  you will never ever suffer the terrible pain, we, the women of Sierra Leone had to suffer, the bad thing done to all of us.“ Never, Never, Never!” she shouted to the crowd.

All people got up and shouted “Never, Never, Never!” and Isatu continued “our little Desert Flowers will never be cut, we stop FGM” and the crowd started to sing “We stop FGM, we stop FGM, we stop FGM!” and it sounded like “We shall overcome FGM one day”

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One Response to “The “Desert Flower” baby!”

  1. Bill Hansson June 3, 2014 at 7:12 pm #

    Just wonderfull. I hope that this will spread all over the world. Thanks for the good work you are doing with the money we swnd in. Much love to all of you involved. Bill

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