Egypt: Girl dies after FGM – First trial

10 Jun



Since 2008 egyptian law clearly prohibits female genital mutilation. Nonetheless, 91% of all girls and women become victims of what they purportedly call “tradition”. The goal is to take away any form of sexual desires and lust in order to control the girls. Mohammed al- Bataa,  also wanted to put his daughter through this cruel ritual. The same doctor, who already mutilated Mohammed’s older daughter Amira, should conduct the operation of the young Suhair. In contrast to Amira, Suhair did not survive. She died during the operation.

In fact, septic shocks, pathogens in the wound or uncontrollable bleeding often constitute mortal consequences of FGM. The father intended to hold the doctor liable for an error in the treatment. With justification however, the public prosecutor’s office accused the doctor, as well as the father of breaking the law against FGM. The punishment can either be three months to two years, or 500 Euros for both.

The trial will take place on June 19. Like the Egyptian gynaecologist Randa Fakhr Eddin, we consider this trial a tremendous progress, as it is the first of this kind in Egypt. This case repeatedly shows how essential it is to push for further educational and awareness work in this area!

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