St. Mary’s Children’s Home needs your help!

16 Jun


14 years ago Father Peter Konteh, Director of Caritas Sierra Leone and also the President of the Desert Flower Foundation Sierra Leone, founded St. Mary’s Children’s Home in Bo. “One day I found a baby before my parish in Bo. A desperate mother had placed the baby in front of my door. Naturally, I took the baby in, and my housekeeper took care of the little girl” Father Peter Konteh told us.

“At that time we had this terrible civil war, which was funded by blood diamonds. Our country was split and terror against women and children were part of our daily lives. A few days later, I found two more babies on the steps of my Parish. Since the parents could under no circumstances be found, I took all those children in. There was no trace of where they came from. No one in our country could take care of those children and soon I had a large family and lots of little orphans.”  Some of those children were given up for adoption later, and some others stayed.  “They all go to school and I hope they get a real chance in life later.”

Today St. Mary’s Children’s Home cares for 80 children and volunteers look after them. The volunteers come from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. “The Desert Flower Foundation supports all the girls at St. Mary’s Children’s Home and that is very important. None of my girls have become victims of FGM. As a Catholic priest and as a human being, I am absolutely against this horrible practice!”

With your support, you guarantee the self- determined life for our girls. Please support the Desert Flower Foundation and thus St. Mary’s Children’s Home in Bo, Sierra Leone!

If you want to help St. Mary’s Children’s Home, please donate to the Desert Flower Foundation or become a volunteer in Sierra Leone. Volunteers should be available for a 2 to 6 month-period and send an online application to our e-mail address: Applications sent via Facebook, Twitter or through our Blog cannot be considered. 


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