Entire school class genital mutilated in Sweden – We demand strict control all over Europe!

23 Jun



School health services in Norrköping, eastern Sweden, discovered 60 cases of FGM, since March. In the class where all of the 30 girls had FGM performed on them, 28 were subjected to infibulation – the most extreme kind where the clitoris and labia are complete cut away, and the genitals are sewn to leave a small vaginal opening.

In 2005 the Desert Flower Foundation and Waris Dirie presented the book “Desert Children” at the Gothenburg book fair. We presented facts and figures and interviews with the Somali community to prove FGM is widespread in the African Communities in Sweden. The Swedish Government reacted angry and claimed FGM does not exist in African Communities in Sweden. They refused to control the girls, even Somali born Swedish journalists confirmed our research.

The Desert Flower Foundation’s research proved, that more than 500 000 girls and women are affected by FGM in Europe, in 2004. Ten thousand Girls are threatened. Waris Dirie and the Desert Flower Foundation demanded form all European governments to control the girls, to guarantee their physical integrity. To date nothing happened and African girls are not protected in any efficient way from this brutal crime. They are left alone.

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