Shocking 170 000 FGM victims in the UK – number doubled since 2004!

14 Jul

It seems FGM spreads like a disease over Europe and politicians seem to be unwilling to act. Waris Dirie and the Desert Flower Foundation, as the first organization against FGM ever, conducted a profound research on FGM in Europe in 2004. The British NGO “Forward” estimated 80 000 women affected by FGM living in Britain and 6 000 girls threatened by FGM.

The latest statistics from the Home Affairs Committee present a shocking new number of 170 000 girls and women affected by FGM and at least 65 000 threatened every year.

Almost daily, British media report on FGM, the Ministers send letters to warn parents not to mutilate their daughters and the Council of British Muslims published a statement against FGM. Femen activists protested against the practice during “Le tour de France” cycling pass in Westminster, central London with slogans “FGM, forgotten by government” and “FGM, Ignored by society”.

It is high time for the British and European governments to implement measures demanded by Waris Dirie and the Desert Flower Foundation since 2002 because this crime on innocent little girls is out of control.

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