Desert Flower Foundation Surgical Training Center – A success story

27 Aug

We are very proud of the success of our Desert Flower Surgical Training Center in Amstelveen, Netherlands. Dr. Refaat Karim, plastic surgeon, president of the Desert Flower Foundation Benelux has successfully conducted more than 50 genital reconstructions on women affected by FGM.

The Desert Flower Surgical Center, also offers trainings for surgeons and gynaecologists to teach them how to perform the female genital reconstruction technique and our holistic approach. The goal of the Desert Flower Foundation is to train worldwide as many doctors as possible on this special surgical technique.

Meanwhile surgeons and gynaecologists from France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Austria, Sweden, Brazil, Monaco, Italy, Switzerland, Morocco and Senegal have booked the trainings and offer now the surgery in their hospitals. Many other doctors are on our waiting list.

Dr. Refaat Karim is invited to many medical congresses around the world from Birmingham to Sao Paulo, from Leipzig to Turin to present the work of the Desert Flower Surgical Training Center. Our goal is to share the treatments available for FGM victims in order to help them regain their life quality, health and confidence.  With your support we can make this happen!


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