Kenya – pregnant 16-year-old girl forced to undergo FGM died!

1 Sep

A 16-year-old girl, in Alvina Noel, 400km northwest of the capital Nairobi died after giving birth, because she had been forced to undergo the cruel procedure of female genital mutilation a few days earlier.

The girls pregnancy had been undiscovered for around 8,5 months. A few days before she gave birth, her parents found out that she was pregnant and coerced her to be mutilated. She consequently suffered from heavy bleeding and died, after giving birth, because her body did not have sufficient time to heal.

“The parents failed to take her to the hospital for fear that what they had done would be made public.” According to Mariam Suleimann, executive director of the Women Rights Institute for Peace.

In Kenya around 27% of all girls and women have undergone FGM, with the highest rates among the Somali, Kisii and Maasai communities.

Kenya has therefore stepped up its fight against FGM by setting up an anti-FGM Board in 2013 and an anti-FGM prosecution unit in March 2014.

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