Desert Flower Center celebrates one year anniversary!

22 Sep

One year ago we have opened the first Desert Flower Center in Berlin in cooperation with hospital Waldfriede in Berlin with the goal to offer holistic treatment to women who became victims of the brutal practice of FGM. More than 150 million girls and women are affected by this crime – but today we have the opportunity to treat all of those women.

The Desert Flower Center Berlin has been a great success in its first year already – many women have seized the possibility for holistic medical treatment. Many hospitals, clinics and doctors from the Netherlands, England, Sweden, Spain, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Monaco, France, Egypt, Turkey, Sierra Leone, Senegal, Kenya, Tanzania, Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia and the United States have contacted us with the willingness to open a Desert Flower center in their countries.

As this surgery requires a specific technique, we have implemented a private Desert Flower Training Center for surgeons and gynecologists in Amsterdam, together with Dr. Karim Refaat. The costs for the treatment are usually taken care of by the respective insurance companies.

International news journalists reported on our project “Desert Flower Centers”, which led to numerous invitations to medical congresses in Leipzig, Nice, Sao Paulo, Turin, Manchester and Berlin. Currently we are working on the certification of Desert Flower centers to ensure the best possible treatment for patients in all countries.

Please support this important project with your donation.


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