Dignifight – young taiwanese students in the fight against FGM!

3 Oct

A Team of five committed people, established by students and teachers from Taipei American School in Taiwan, has decided to support the Desert Flower Foundation in order to fight against FGM. The activists initiated a club named “DigniFight”. This name stands on the one side for the fight against female genital mutilation and on the other side for the basic human rights and dignity, which is violated by FGM.

A keypoint of the Desert Flower Foundation is to raise awareness of FGM.  The DigniFight Team made it their business to support us in this by initiating independent awareness – campaigns at their school.

“Our goal is to bring this gruesome crime to light and to educate people about FGM and its consequences.” said by Tatjana Feuerhahn, a co – founder of DigniFight.

For the Desert Flower Foundation, such a commitment is very important because it also shows us new inspiration and motivation in our fight against FGM and also to give affected women a voice.

“We are very excited to see how dedicated people around the world support the work of the Desert Flower Foundation. The idea of DigniFight shows us, how much every one of us can do.”  (Barbara Pöll, Fundraising and Communications Manager, Desert Flower Foundation)

Many thanks to DigniFight and all our other supporters worldwide!

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