Waris Dirie: How to make a Christmas present to our Little Desert Flowers

20 Nov

Everywhere in the world children are excited about Christmas. They write letters to Santa Claus in order to get presents like dolls, cars, videogames, computers or clothes.

In Africa, not many children receive gifts for Christmas.

In the lasts days we got more shocking stories from Sierra Leone and the Ebola crisis.

The food prices are four times more expensive than a month ago; many people struggle to buy food.

Our team in Sierra Leone asked us to double the donation in December and to give the money to the families as Desert Flower Foundation Christmas present to secure food   during Christmas instead of giving our little flowers little Christmas gifts on that day.

If you want to give a Christmas present to your little Desert Flowers and their families please do not send any gifts at the moment but donate whatever you can give since food is the most needed gift at the moment.http://www.desertflowerfoundation.org/en/donate-waris-dirie-foundation/

I wish you a beautiful Christmas time and send you all my love,

Waris Dirie


One Response to “Waris Dirie: How to make a Christmas present to our Little Desert Flowers”

  1. Shani November 26, 2014 at 8:59 am #

    Dear Waris , I have read your two books,, I am a Sri Lankan,, actually I am so proud of you, wish you all the very best for this work,

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