FGM scandals in Egypt and Berlin

21 Nov

Berlin: German salafist propagates FGM in public!

In the eyes of salafist religous leader Abul Baraa ,women with an extended clitoris should be cut in order to „normalize“ their sexual behaviour. It is unacceptable that traditionalists like him can upload propaganda-videos without facing any consequences.

Reports about Jihadi extremists ordering families to have their daughters undergo female genital mutilation have been circulating in Iraqui media fort he past few weeks. But not only in the Middle East FGM is propagated by ISIS supporters. Even though well-known Muslim groups have declared FGM „un-islamic“ and as a practice which is not rooted in religion but rather in culture, there are still extremists who  propagate, that FGM is obligatory for a muslim woman. Abul Baraa, who recently uploaded a short video of him explaining the importance of cutting a girl‘s clitoris, is one of them. According to the salafist preacher from Berlin, FGM is not only prescribed in Islam- which is not true- but also has a good effect on moderating the individual‘s behaviour. He recommends a circumcision to „normalize“ the sexual drive and libido of young girls and to prevent a girl‘s desire for intimacy. According to Baraa every girl with an extended clitoris needs to be cut, no matter where she is living. It is obvious that he also requests German husbands from the Muslim-community to have their daughters cut. His speech is an appeal to the public to violate the human rights of girls- not only in countries where FGM is still practiced but also in Germany. Furthermore his message is based on „pseudo-medical“ facts which are not true: The lenght of a girl´s clitoris has nothing to do with her libido or any sexual preferences. Is is unacceptable that traditionalists like Abul Baraa are allowed to give speeches and even teach classes in German cities and embrace FGM in public. His arguments are bad excuses for his wish to control over women‘s sexuality.

Egypt: Doctor acquitted after mutilating young girl

In June 2013 the 13-year old Sohair died after a doctor illegally mutilated her. Since 2008, egyptian law cleary prohibits FGM.  Nevertheless, 91% of all girls and women become victims of that practice. However, in the case of Sohair the public prosecutor’s office accused the doctor, as well as the father of breaking the law against FGM. Newspapers and NGOs all around the world reported the case in the hope that it would send a strong message to doctors and families that FGM is no longer tolerated in Egypt and that offenders will be punished. Instead the verdict signaled the complete opposite: The doctor who practiced FGM and the father of  the girl have been acquitted. The only consequences, the doctor has to face: A fine of 700 Euros.

It takes more than fines to prevent authorities from performing FGM! The case of Sohair could have been a good example of how legal authorities and justice react to a practice which only seems to be illegal on the paper. The unexpected ending of the process shows hoch much still has to be done to effectively prohibit FGM.


One Response to “FGM scandals in Egypt and Berlin”

  1. Andrea Wood November 24, 2014 at 12:29 pm #

    I feel sickened, this is a society of 21st century!? Were we not born exactly how Allah or God created us? Human body is perfect the way it is, unique tool of reproduction. Allah created us this way and nobody should play with his creation.

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