Save a Little Desert Flower for Christmas!

28 Nov

Dear Desert Flower Foundation friends!

In 2008 I decided to save my little Safa, the girl who played me in the movie “Desert Flower”. Her scene moved people to tears. Thanks to the Desert Flower Foundation,   Safa never became victim of this cruel tradition in real life. Today Safa is 9 years old, attends a French school in Djibouti and would like to become a paediatrician one day to help children in Africa.

Her story inspired to develop the sponsorship project “Save a Little Desert Flower” and set ourselves the goal to save 1000 girls in 2014.  Up to now 920 families in Sierra Leone and Djibouti have signed contracts with the Desert Flower Foundation not to mutilate their daughters and to guarantee their education. Thank you for your support!

Christmas is just around the corner and my only wish is to save as many Little Desert Flowers as possible. You can do it very easily through a single donation or a partial sponsorship. You can donate 10 € per month or a full sponsorship of 30 € per month. You can also give a sponsorship as a present to your friends, family or colleagues and you can even nominate them on Facebook or Twitter to do the “Ice Bucket Challenge” so that they can explain and act against FGM.

Every sponsor receives a personal sponsor certificate, with the name, address and information about their sponsored child, as well as regular mail from us to inform you how your goddaughter is doing.

Saving a Little Desert Flower is definitely one of the best Christmas gifts that you can give to others and yourself!




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