Miss Sierra Leone becomes our new Goodwill Ambassador!

15 Dec

Margaret Murray- better known as “Miss Sierra Leone 2014” is the new FGM Goodwill Ambassador of our Desert Flower Foundation in Sierra Leone.

The 26 year-old, enthusiastic lady is currently a second-year law student at Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone and she has proven to be more than a national beauty:  Since she won the competition in July, Margaret has been involved in several social and educational activities. She has visited clinics and hospitals, giving out food supply and hand wash items to the quarantined people. Furthermore she raises funds to help the Ebola orphans in the interim centres in the different districts and on her Facebook page she also provides information about the Ebola virus and informs her fans about the risk of infection and how to prevent it.

Miss Murray also speaks out against Female Genital Mutilation, in a country where 94% of the girls are affected by this harmful practice. Here is what she told us when we asked her about her commitment to fight FGM:

DFF:    Why did you decide to become our Desert Flower Foundation Goodwill Ambassador?

MM:   I am a big admirer of Waris Dirie and her ground-breaking work for women and girls in Africa since many years. In my opinion the Desert Flower Foundation fights on the forefront against FGM and started a great campaign in my country Sierra Leone to stop this brutal practice. When I was asked to join the fight against FGM, I immediately agreed.

DFF:   What is your message to people practicing FGM?

MM:   You do not empower or honor a girl by cutting her genitals! You empower a girl by sending her to school and investing in her education. I met many women in my country Sierra Leone who are heavily traumatized and suffer from FGM. Unfortunately my country is more affected by FGM than any other country in West Africa. Therefore it was a great decision by the Desert Flower Foundation to start here.

DFF: You are a famous personality in Sierra Leone, a role model, many people admire you. What is your message to your people?

MM: We have to win the fight against Ebola and I am strongly involved to support my country in this fight. And FGM has to stop NOW.

DFF: Thank you very much Margaret for your commitment and we hope to see you soon on one of our future events in Europe.


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