A Christmas letter from Waris

19 Dec

Dear Desert Flower Foundation Community,

Today I’d like to say a BIG THANK YOU to each of you for your great support in the last year.

Thanks to your donations we were nearly able to achieve our goal of saving 1.000 Little Desert Flowers from FGM.

 920 families have signed contracts with the Desert Flower Foundation, committing themselves to not-circumcising their daughters, to sending them to school, to not-marrying them off as children, to taking part in Desert Flower workshops and to having regular check-ups for their daughters through our paediatricians to confirm their integrity!

Again – a BIG THANK YOU to ALL of you!

With the help of your donations we were also able to open the first Desert Flower Centre for the holistic treatment of FGM victims in Berlin. This project is completely new and unique worldwide and already a huge success. Gynaecologists, surgeons and physicians are taking care of the affected women.

Each week numerous women from many different African countries are coming to the Desert Flower Centre to get advice, treatment and very often to have reconstructive surgery.

Recently we have set-up the first Desert Flower FGM support group with these women, who are now meeting in the Desert Flower Centre on a regular basis to talk about their traumatic experiences and overcome them together with each other’s support.

We additionally offer therapists for the women of the first Desert Flower FGM support group.

This also is a worldwide novelty!

For this also a BIG THANK YOU to all the supporters!

In April we have opened the first Desert Flower Training Centre for surgeons, gynaecologists and midwives in Amsterdam. This was urgently required, as many doctors from around the world have contacted us to learn more about our work, the operation techniques and methods of treatment. Up to now, 30 doctors from Europe, Africa and the USA have participated in the trainings and are now treating women affected by FGM in their hospitals.

THANK YOU for this!

Last but not least I also want to thank my Desert Flower Foundation Team for their fantastic work. Each year we receive over 10.000 e-mail inquiries and numerous requests over the phone and by post. Without the support of my team and the many volunteers worldwide I would not be able to reply to all of them!

In my next letter I am going to tell you all about our new projects for 2015 and the reason we have decided to establish the Desert Flower Foundation in 15 countries as independent organisations.

I wish you all a wonderful x-mas, health, fortune and lots of LOVE for the New Year and may all your dreams and wishes come true!



Unterschrift Waris

Waris Dirie

PS: By the way – I am going to give a sponsorship for a Little Desert Flower to my friends as a x-mas gift and I am asking them for the same present in return.

My wish to you, my dear Desert Flower Foundation Community, is that you continue to support our work and in case you haven’t got a suitable x-mas present yet, or have a little bit of money left, we would appreciate your contributions in order to still achieve our goal of saving 1.000 Little Desert Flowers in 2014!

If you are able to make a donation, please press HERE:






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