Desert Flower Foundation Djibouti. Famous Soul Star Joss Stone visits Safa in Djibouti. Read Safa’s report here.

11 Feb

A few days ago the Desert Flower Foundation called my father to inform him that the famous Joss Stone would like to visit us in Balbala. At first, we did not know who she is. But I googled her on our school computer. Wow!

So many people know Joss Stone and her music. With the permission of my teacher I listened to few of Joss Stone’s songs. My favourite one is Son of the preacher man with more than 14 million views on YouTube. She is really famous. She arrived in Balbala at 10 AM last Sunday and was extremely nice!

I could not believe it.  She came with her brother, Harry who filmed our conversation. Dad, Mum and Fardouza explained her the work of Desert Flower Foundation and our projects against FGM. She stayed 3 hours in our house, played with me and my brothers, Amir and Nour, and I was very sad when she had to leave. She promised me to send Desert Flower Foundation all photos and the video to promote our campaign ‘Save a little Desert Flower’ to make our dream of saving 1 million girls real.

Unfortunately, my parents cannot afford a computer. Otherwise, I could check every day if the video is already on the internet. If you have any computer left you do not need anymore, I would really appreciate if you could support me with a computer. I could send you emails by myself and write about my life in Djibouti for the Desert Flower Foundation website.

I am so excited to see the video from Joss.

Merci et à la prochaine and see you soon,


Please support our campaign ‘Save a little Desert Flower’ and sponsor a girl here

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