My little sister survived malaria!

4 Mar

Hello, my name is Hawa Genda and I am 20 years old. I am the older sister of Mahawa and I would like to thank the Desert Flower Foundation for their support.

My little sister, Mahawa is 5 years old and has not started school yet. She is a very sweet and quiet girl. Only two weeks ago, she was discharged from the hospital, because before she had a very high fever and malaria. Despite the health problems, Mahawa has not lost her  courage and optimism.

Unfortunately, our family has not an easy life. Like many families in Sierra Leone, we are also very much affected by the Ebola crisis. A few years ago our father lost his job. Since then our mother was a bread-winner in our house. Because of Ebola movement restrictions, she could not run her small business anymore, since the necessary products can no longer be imported from Guinea and Liberia. In addition, there has been inflation in prices of goods in Sierra Leone and at a time like this, people prefer to buy food rather than clothing, which has affected our income and livelihood.

In these difficult times, we are all very happy that there is the Desert Flower Foundation project, because it helped us a lot. Although the financial support is very important, the crucial thing is that my little sister won’t be cut. We are also very happy that we can send our Mahawa to school as soon as it will be opened again.

We are all very glad that there is the Desert Flower Foundation, because unlike me, my sister now has a chance for an integral and healthy life.

Thank you very much,


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