Mother from Sierra Leone adopted daughter of her sick sister!

2 Apr

Dear Desert Flower Foundation,

my name is Aminata Juana and I run a small market stall. I live with my children in Freetown in Sierra Leone. Since I was abandoned by my husband when I was in the second month of pregnancy, I am now a single mother and have two daughters. One of them is Mary who is my own child and the second one is Jebbeh – my adopted daughter.

About a year ago my sister became seriously ill after giving birth to her eighth child. She could no longer look after all her kids, so she asked me for taking six years old Jebbeh to me to Freetown and care of her. At first I had a lot of problems with my niece, because she could not bear the thought of her mother being away. She was very naughty and unfriendly at home and even at school. She also had huge problems as she could not concentrate – she missed her mother so much and she kept crying for her. As a result she failed in class one. It was a very difficult time for all of us, but now after almost one year the situation has greatly improved.

One can say that Jebbeh is now a completely different child. She became an active and friendly girl and helps me in the household and at the market. Although she has changed so much for the better, she did not still overcome all difficulties and regualarly gets sick every month. Fortunately, she communiacates very well with my daughter Mary, who helps her in this time a lot, especially while I’m away from home.

Mary is six years old and she is attending the same school as Jebbeh. Unlike Jebbeh Mary was always an easy-going child. She is very intelligent and very hard working at home. Mary takes part in various school activities, such as needle, thread and running. Thanks to Mary, Jebbeh has found a right way at school and made friends.

When the Ebola crisis came, it was very difficult for us. Suddenly there were a lot of laws,which had a negative impact on my work at the market, so I continued to make losses. That coupled with the inflation of prices has led to low income.

Fortunately, I found “Save a little Desert Flower” project  at the right time and the Desert Flower Foundation helped us. I have committed not to allow cutting my daughters and to bring them regularly to your pediatrician in order to control their integrity. In exchange you provide for us. I’m glad that Mary and Jebbeh can be health and develop normally.

Thanks to you I was also able to expand my business. Since the sponsorship commenced for my two daughters, in addition to fruits and drinking water I started selling assorted biscuits, and confectionaries. And my healthy and happy daughters help me with the sale. I think that they will be entrepreneurs in the future.

Therefore, I want to say in a very special way, you have helped our family a lot and in so many ways have changed our lives.

Thank you very much for your support!




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