Haja Mansaray – our Super Talent

28 Apr

Haja is 6 year old and goes to the St. Francis Primary School in Newton, Sierra Leone. She is regarded as an exceptionally talented girl. Due to her extraordinary intelligence, she succeeded to skip 3 school classes during her first school year. This small talented girl has learned to read and write in her free time. Hajas greatest dream is to get more school materials and books. Since her parents are very poor, they could not even afford the school charges. Her teachers realized her exceptional performance and decided to pay all fees from their own salaries. And just because of that Haja could go to school. The family Mansaray lives on the meagre amount that Haja’s father gets from tapping and sales of the palm wine. Since the Ebola crisis has affected the trade sector, his business collapsed completely.

Haja’s integrity as well as her education is guaranteed by the sponsorship contract, which her parents signed with the Desert Flower Foundation Team. They are very happy that their daughter won’t be cut and has an opportunity to develop normally.

Many thanks to all our Donors around the world!

–          Desert Flower Foundation Sierra Leone.

If you also would like to save a girl from FGM and guarantee her school education, you can donate here!

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