Letter from Sierra Leone

7 May

I would like to thank my sponsor, Anne-Katrin Berning


My name is Adama Kamara. I am 9 years old and I live with my grandmother and my two siblings, one boy, and one girl in the west end of Freetown. I attend the third class at the Dr. Jude Primary School.

I support my grandmother cleaning the house and washing the dishes. I love my grandmother.  She grows vegetables in our little garden and sells it on the market. Her income is very low, but we have managed to survive. Because of the Ebola crisis we were not allowed to leave our house and had been locked there. That was very sad.

My grandmother met one of the DFF staff in Sierra Leone and he offered her to support us with a sponsorship contract. But my grandmother had to sign a contract with DFF to guarantee my integrity. My grandmother opposes FGM anyway. We signed the contract and a few days later we were informed Anne-Katrin Berning will be my sponsor. Since we got the contract our life has improved a lot and I can fully focus on school.

Thank you so much and a lot of love to Anne-Katrin!

Truly yours,


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