10 Jun

My name is Salamatu and I am 5 years old. I live together with my three cousins ​​and my grandparents in the capital of Sierra Leone, Freetown. My parents abandoned me two years ago. But I knew from the beginning, someday my mother will be with me again!

My grandmother is a house gardener and she earns very little. Sometimes it was very difficult for us. Fortunately, we have learned of the sponsorship project of the Desert Flower Foundation and since then we live a better life. Due to the sponsorship contract with Desert Flower Foundation I am saved from FGM. I know how dreadful it is since some of my friends have already been cut. Thanks to your support, I can also attend school. I am very happy, because I have many friends there and learn a lot of new things every day.

Since yesterday, I’m the happiest girl in the world, because my mother is with me again! I knew she would not leave me forever!

Dear godparents, thank you very much for supporting me through the Desert Flower Foundation. Due to it I am doing very well and I am able to attend school.

Many Thanks!



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