24 Jun

Dear supporters of my Desert Flower Foundation,

In the name of all our Little Desert Flowers saved from FGM, I would love to express my sincere gratitude to for your donations and support. Thanks to your help, they are able to attend schools and are provided with health care by our local paediatricians. Our program “Save a Little Desert Flower” corresponds to the European model of child benefits. In Europe, each family receives state financial support for their children.

Unfortunately, in Africa this is not the case. That is why we support girls directly in order to enable them to become educated and to live an independent life. We are the only NGO which combines support with the requirement that our sponsored girls will neither be cut nor married off. Our local paediatricians examine them regularly. Your donations are given directly to our little girls and their families. Meanwhile, thousands of families have applied for the Desert Flower Foundation support. Our team selects mainly single mothers or single grandmothers as they are in financial need.

We have set ourselves an ambitious goal: SAVING 1 MILLION GIRLS IN AFRICA FROM FGM BY 2020. I strongly believe we will achieve this goal! I would therefore kindly ask you to support our Desert Flower Foundation today by making a donation or informing your friends, family and your colleagues at work about our projects. Please share information about our work with your friends on your Facebook and Twitter.

Many Thanks!

Yours very truly


Waris Dirie




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