15 Jul

I don’t understand politicians! All of them are officially against FGM, but still far too little has been done to eradicate this cruel crime. Since 2002, together with my Desert Flower Foundation, I demand regular control examinations carried out worldwide on girls who are at risk of becoming a victim of FGM.

The controls could be easily conducted as a part of routine control examinations in all countries in the world, also in Africa. They would save hundreds of thousands of girls from this primitive and brutal crime. Next, parents and of course also the cutters could be held accountable for this barbarity and subsequently they could be penalised appropriately. Laws against FGM are everywhere.

Once again, I want to call on all politicians worldwide to introduce this simple but highly efficient measure so as to eradicate FGM! Our project “Save a Little Desert Flower” shows how easy it can be to perform health check ups. All parents regularly bring their daughters to our local paediatrician, because they are aware that otherwise they won’t receive support from Desert Flower Foundation anymore.

Please support my Desert Flower Foundation and help us to save even more girls!


Waris Dirie

Save a Little Desert Flower here


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