Shocking!!! 137,000 Women in the UK affected by FGM!

22 Jul

I am deeply shocked! According to the study by City University London and Equality now, over 137,000 women in the UK are affected by FGM! In London´s districts 1 out of 20 women is a victim of FGM whereas in the most affected district, Southwork ever y second woman is a victim of this brutal crime.

The authorities and politicians seem to be powerless. Apart from great announcements, very little has been done. Besides London, the study shows the highest prevalence of FGM in the UK in following cities: Manchester, Bristol, Slough, Leicester and Birmingham.

For the past ten years I am warning the British authorities of FGM spreading over the UK like an epidemic. Now, all oversights show up. Desert Flower Foundation will set up numerous activities against FGM in the UK in autumn 2015 because we don´t want to wait any longer until more girls become victims of FGM.  70 000 girls are threatened by FGM in Great Britain.

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