Our successful project: Desert Flower Center Berlin

29 Jul

In 2013, we have launched the Desert Flower Center in Berlin. It was worldwide the first medical centre for victims of FGM offering holistic treatment. Led by Dr. Cornelia Strunz, women are treated by gynaecologists, urologists, plastic surgeons, proctologists, psychologists and physiotherapists.

Our patients meet regularly in a support group established by the Desert Flower Foundation, where they can speak about their problems and participate in yoga- and gymnastic-hours. Meanwhile, they bring their children and other women, willing to undergo reconstructive surgery, with them.

At these meetings women discuss how FGM could be finally eradicated. Because of the great demand, we have a long waiting list. Many women from abroad, especially from UK and African countries, come to the Desert Flower Centre Berlin in order to undergo reconstructive surgery.

With the explicit permission of the women leading the support group, we would like to present to you today the first pictures. Following the success of the Desert Flower Center Berlin, we are planning to set up further Desert Flower Centers for holistic treatment.

Please support this unique project to give medical and psychological help to those women, who became victims of FGM when they were innocent children.



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