Save a little Desert Flowers by purchasing a wonderful jewel!

11 Aug

The Hand of Fatima is an ancient symbol called also Hamsa.  It is believed to protect from the evil eye. Every religion believes in the magic power of this amulet. This ancient luck charm was a model for jewellery made by a company Gemmini specially for the campaign “Save a little Desert Flower”. Total profit from purchase will be donated to the Desert Flower Foundation. The Hand for Luck (Hamsa) is a piece of jewellery which can be worn as a necklace or bracelet.

It consists of a small hand made of precious metal and a small real diamond placed on it. Waris Dirie, Safa and numerous celebrities already have this beautiful piece of jewellery. You can order this precious amulet now at the price of 79,00 EUR incl. shipping costs. Email us at: .


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