Somalia plans to ban FGM by law

24 Aug

I have been fighting against FGM for 20 years. I was laughed at, insulted, proclaimed a traitor and even received death threats.

Together with my Desert Flower Foundation I met many African leaders and ministers, among others also the Somali government. We tried to persuade them to ban FGM by law and to lay down strict penalties for this cruel crime in their countries. My struggle often seemed hopeless, especially in my homeland Somalia.

Nevertheless, I never gave up, because I always believed in my dream and my mission. After 20 years of my fight against FGM I see a dramatic change in my country.

The Somali government plans to take a historic step by banning FGM by law and punishing all circumcisers who do not stick to the new rules. The Association of Muslim Lawyers as well as religious leaders also speak out against FGM and declare FGM as a sin.

24 08

Waris Dirie meets the Somali government in Addis Abeba in 2012

Gruppenfoto Waris afrika

Waris Dirie with African ministers and representatives of the African Union in Addis Abeba 2010

This is a revolution for Somalia. I’m so happy. The Somali government hopes to eradicate FGM in a generation and I say YES! Together we can do it!

Today, I would like to sincerely thank all supporters of the Desert Flower Foundation and my Team!
They always believed in my mission and enabled our success in the fight against FGM.

Please continue supporting us now. We won’t give up until FGM is definitively eradicated.


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