Scandal in Egypt! FGM for only $6.39!

2 Sep

Last week, The Cairo Post published a shocking article revealing that FGM is offered ridiculously cheap in the Souq al-Goma’a (Friday Market) in al-Sayeda Aishia district in Cairo. Only 50 EGP (about 6 $) is enough to cut a girl there. Although this brutal crime has been prohibited by law in Egypt since 2008, only in the aforementioned place, the journalist of The Cairo Post Khaled Hussein without any problem found three shops offering FGM. He secretly recorded five girls aged between eight and twelve waiting with their parents outside the shops for their turn.

Hussein posed as a man who wants his niece to undergo FGM. A mizayen (circumciser) made him a swift and incredibly attractive offer: 50 EDP (about 6 $) and “everything will be done in only two minutes (!) […] I’m working every day”, said the mizayen. According to TCP, she also claimed that the girls can be back in the playground the next day after the ‘surgery’.

The circumcisers use local anaesthetics, blades and scissors to mutilate the genitals of young girls.

The Islamic scholar, Sheikh Osama al-Qusy stated in an interview with Hussein that female genital mutilation is forbidden by Islam.

In May 2015, the Minister of Health and Population of Egypt, Prof. Adel Adawy announced that the rate of cut women in Egypt is 92%. The authorities in Egypt and all other countries absolutely have to take swift measures against FGM and punish circumcisers and parents. Laws alone are not enough!

Please support our fight against FGM here!


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