Desert Flower Foundation in Sierra Leone: “Not everyone can flee to Europe”

14 Sep

Interview with Wuyatta Genda

Wuyatta Genda is in charge of the Desert Flower Foundation office in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

DFF: You head the DFF office in Sierra Leone since the start of the “Save a little Desert Flower” project in 2014. How did you join this project?

WG: I have worked for Fr. Peter Konteh who is the president of Caritas in Sierra Leone. He told me about your great Foundation and asked me if I would like to participate in its work here. I agreed immediately, because FGM has to be eradicated in Sierra Leone.

DFF: How much work does this project require?

WG: Our team works every day. And actually every day a lot of families visit our office to collect information about our project. We organize workshops for local communities, keep in touch with schools and organize medical care and check-ups for girls. The end of the month is especially busy since the families collect their monthly support.

Wuyatta at work
Wuyatta at work

DFF: Many godparents send letters to their godchildren. Are all of them forwarded to their ‘godchildren’?

WG: Of course, our little Desert Flowers are very happy to receive each letter and show them proudly to other children at school.

DFF: Waris Dirie is planning to save a million girls from FGM by 2020 through sponsorship contracts. Do you think it is possible to reach this big goal?

WG: If we will be able to find enough sponsors supporting our little Desert Flowers, we could save a lot more girls. Donors’ support is vital for the families here. Without their help, they have no perspective. Not everyone can flee to Europe. All people would prefer to stay in their home country, if they would have an opportunity to find a job and to provide education for their children. Therefore, your program is so important.

Please support the Desert Flower Foundation and help us to make change happen!


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