“For Mama”-from my book “Desert Flower”

21 Sep

I realize that when one travels the road of life, weathering storms, enjoying the sunshine, standing in the eye of many hurricanes, survival is determined only by the strength od one’s will. Therefore I dedicate this book to the woman upon whose shoulders I stand, whose strength is unyielding: my mother, Fattuma Ahmed Aden.

She has shown her children evidence of faith while staring into the face of unthinkably adversity. She has balanced an equal devotion to twelve children (an amazing feat on its own) and shown wisdom that would humble the most insightful sage.

Her sacrifices have been many; her complaints, few. And all along we, her children, knew that she gave what she had, no matter how meager-without reservation. She has known the agony of losing a child more than once, and still she maintains her strength and courage to continue struggling for her remaining children. Her generosity of spirit and inner and outer beauty are legendary.

Mama, I love, respect, and cherish you, and think Almighty Allah for giving me you as my mother. My prayer is to honor your legacy by parenting my son as you have tirelessly nurtured your children.

“Oh, you are a kilt which a young dandy set out to choose

Oh, you are like a costly rug for which thousands were paid

Will I ever find your like-you who have been shown to me only once?

An umbrella comes apart; you are as strong as looped iron;

Oh, you who are as the gold of Nairobi, finely molded,

You are the risen sun, and the early rays of dawn,

Will I ever find your like, you who have been shown to me only once?”

Traditional Somali poem

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