Tutu smiles again – Thank-you letter from Freetown

19 Oct

Dear Desert Flower Foundation,

I want to thank you and all the supporters in the name of the Kamara family and especially in the name of my niece Isatu Kamara.

The nickname of my niece is Tutu.
Tutu is eleven years old and lives with her grandmother Yeali Kamara. She takes care of her and four other children.

Tutu almost lost her life, because her mother could not take proper care of her. Her health condition was alarming, so we brought her to live with her grandmother. There she recovered quickly.

Isatu Kamara

Today she is in a good state of health and smiles from the bottom of her heart. She attends the E.B. Williams Primary Schools and she is in class four. She also helps her grandmother with a lot of household chores.

Grandmother is a gardener and petty trader and supports the whole family with her income. Sometimes I come by to help.

The Ebola crisis affected every family in Sierra Leone and made life even more difficult. Tutu´s grandmother had to keep the children from going out to play with neighbours.

They are so very grateful for the sponsorship they receive from the Desert Flower Foundation for Tutu, especially in times like this.

In the name of my niece Tutu and in the name of my whole family: Thank you!


Amy Kamara

Please support our program here!

Isatu Kamara 1

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